30 Years Of Multi-Sector Experience Covering 7 countries.

I seek fulfillment through exercising significant proportions of my skills, potentials and talents to facilitate substantial context-sensitive, permanent and sustainable development of systems and cities via a unique approach to and beyond my assigned responsibilities/task areas, while obtaining appropriate levels of personal and professional capacity development, and compensation in so doing.

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What People Say About Me

"He has a deep understanding of the Nigerian political landscape - its intrigues, causes and effectson the country's social dynamics and the resultant (dis)inclination of the general populace to participate in politics and/or take ownership of government decision, even when the individual and collective accruable economic & environmental benefits are obvious."
Erica Danny
Kazeem is incurably optimistic about Nigeria and her boundless potentials which unfortunately remain largely untapped or at best underutilized till date.
Ericca Danny
Kazeem is renowned for intuitive intellectual acquisition of (any) issue and subsequent development of strategic approaches to unlocking hitherto unseen potentials therein
Danny Again


Through the programs listed below, I leverage on data-driven insights backed by years of experience to help you create and implement complex but context-sensitive and catalytic transactions in Development Services, Financial Services and Technical or Infrastructure Sectors.

Here, we’ll schedule either ‘one-on-one’ calls or ‘team’ calls where we’ll discuss your challenges and the possible solutions.

Instead of scheduling the consultations over tele-devices, we’ll have these in-person.

This goes way beyond consultation calls or physical consultations to implement thorough brainstorming sessions where we carry out audits and come up with effective strategies.

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